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Hi, my name is Heather Rosario and I guess you could say I am the original TRANSFORMATION. After spending 3 years at the gym instructing group fitness classes and working out 2-3 hours a day I could not drop 1% body fat.


This all changed when I got a hold of the information that I now implement with my clients. The missing piece was the macros. After applying this knowledge to my own diet for just 3 months I shredded 10% body fat and walked on stage in a bikini!⁣


This is the same diet that my Personal Training clients are using to get phenomenal results that you can witness in their TRANSFORMATIONS!

Heather Rosario

Owner, Trainer & Bikini Body Pro Athlete

You must FULLY commit for a full transformation!


There is no doubt about it, these clients - our "Transformers" - have put in the work and they know how to get results. We are so very proud of each of them and couldn't be happier knowing all the ways their lives have improved since the start of their journey.


Their transformations along with countless others are proof of what is possible when you trust the process and stick with the program your Transformations Hawaii personal trainer sets for you.

These testimonials are not claims or promises of the results you will achieve. Results vary by individual and depend greatly on an individual's dedication to their workout and nutritional plan.

Jennie Maikui
"I got started on this journey for me. Exactly 5 weeks into starting Transformation Hawaii I haven't been on any high blood pressure medicine. I was able to stop my kidney stones medicine and my pain pills. It's a mindset, that takes root within and the rest is up to you letting these trainers water and prune you to grow."
IMG_2838 2.jpg
“Heather helps her clients mind, body and soul.  She truly cares about her clients and I am so grateful to be a part of Transformations Hawaii Studio.”

Dr. Shallon Craddock

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