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The Original Transformation

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Hi, my name is Heather and I guess you could say I am the original TRANSFORMATION.  

It has been my own personal fitness journey that has led me to discovering what I believe are the best and most effective strategies for fast fat-loss, muscle sculpting and optimal health benefits available.

It was only after investing 3 YEARS at the gym, instructing group fitness classes and working out 2-3 hours a day and yet, not being able to drop 1% body-fat that this opportunity came into my path. Prior to the implementation of this life changing program my body-fat percentage was consistently stuck no matter how clean I kept my diet or how much exercise I did.  As you can imagine I was VERY frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, I felt great from my many lifestyle changes, had more energy and healed myself from a variety of ailments, BUT with the amount of time, money & energy I was expending, I expected more!  I wanted to be leaner & I wanted to SEE more of the results that I was feeling.

No matter how hard I trained I could not build the body I wanted... I wanted nice shoulders, a rounder butt and "dang it" 6 pack abs! But as I learned you can't build anything without the proper building materials in the right amounts customized for you.⁣

This all changed when I got ahold of the information that is now being implemented with the clients at Transformations Personal Training Studio. The missing pieces were customized macro dieting and targeted body sculpting workouts . After applying this knowledge to my own nutritional plan & fitness program for just 3 MONTHS I shredded 10% body fat and trophied on stage in a bikini contest!⁣  That was it!  I was convinced and hooked on the process.  I continued on to getting my Pro Athlete status and have now completed 14 different stages including 3 world competitions. 

This same effective system works for teens to seniors and is what I believe is the path worth following.  I don't want people wasting years, like I did, trying to do what you can do in months! My passion is to help people get the most effective and efficient RESULTS possible on the road to health and fitness.

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