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Don't just train,


Welcome to Transformations Hawaii,

a personal training studio designed to get

you the results you've been waiting for.


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We're so happy you're here!

Ready for results? Ready to become part of a motivated, healthy community?


Your journey to better health and wellness, strength, confidence and happiness starts here. Transformations Hawaii is a personal training studio and members only private gym located in Hilo, Hawaii.


Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle or just maintaining a healthier lifestyle – we are here to provide a personalized experience and the accountability you need to get you to where you want to be.


Our precise formula of macro dieting, strength training and cardio can lead to progress quickly and fast track you to better health, strength and overall fitness.

We're not gonna lie, you will have to put in the work. But you can be sure that the effort and sweat you put in will take you farther, faster here at Transformations Hawaii... And with a supportive, inspiring community of members around we believe you'll actually have some fun along the way!

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CLIENT transformationS

Life changing results that speak for themselves.

Let's face it, results speak for themselves. Around here we believe that your health and fitness transformation is inevitable with the right mindset and support.


Congratulations to our clients, who we affectionately refer to as our "Transformers". They are living proof that life changing results are possible if you stick with it and trust the process. 


A friendly and inviting, members only gym space that is clean, bright and air conditioned.


Weight lifting, body sculpting, nutritional support, physique competition coaching... they do it all and are here to help.

Get to know our trainers and read about their personal fitness journeys.

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“The supervised training by the people who know what they are doing is invaluable. It's made me a happier person which is maybe the best by product of the whole experience.”

Kathleen Meistrell

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