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The Original Transformation

Hi my name is Heather Rosario and I guess you could say I am the original TRANSFORMATION. After spending 3 years at the gym instructing group fitness classes and working out 2-3 hours a day I could not drop 1% body fat. No matter how clean I kept my diet I was consistently stuck at my body fat percentage and frustrating as h***. I felt great from my life style changes, but with the amount of energy I was expending I expected more... I wanted to be leaner. ⁣

And no matter how hard I trained I could not build the body I wanted... I wanted nice shoulders, a rounder butt and "dang it" 6 pack abs! But as I learned you can't build anything without the proper building materials in the right amounts.⁣

This all changed when I got ahold of the information that I now implement with my clients. The missing piece was the macros. After applying this knowledge to my own diet for just 3 months I shredded 10% body fat and walked on stage in a bikini!⁣

This is the same diet that my Personal Training clients are using to get phenomenal results that you can witness in their TRANSFORMATIONS!⁣

This is what our Food Support Groups are all about! 12 weeks to dramatic change! Come learn the magic behind counting your macros. ⁣

I don't want people wasting 3 years like I did trying to do what you can do in 3 months! My passion is to help people get the most effective and efficient RESULTS on the road to health and fitness. We cut out the confusion and provide you the support and accountability needed to get you to your goals! Join me & my TEAM -TRANSFORMATIONS- now for the Heat is On Summer Fat-loss Challenge. ⁣

3 months are gonna go by regardless. You can either use this time to be moving towards or away from your goals, we're here to help you progress!⁣

*this picture is my original 3 month TRANSFORMATION

December 26th - March 26th

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