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Humble Beginning

The Garage

Gym Fitness Hilo Hawaii

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Heather & Lissa

When I left my position as the personal training director at another gym in town to go home, I was stepping into the unknown.  My initial thought was to pursue my meal prep company, but other plans quickly unfolded for me.  I left on a Saturday and by Monday morning there were 6 anxious clients wanting to be trained in my garage gym.  My desire to help people took over, and I agreed to work with them from this humble setting.  I immediately began upgrading which eventually transformed my garage into studio location one.  I painted, got brand new equipment and installed AC for my growing clientele.  Word spread and I was working morning till night with individuals and small groups.  I also continued to provide meal options and clean cheats through Hawaii Meal Preps from my residence.


For a while, I was completely content and happy working from home, but after sometime, realized I had outgrown my current situation.  There was more growth ahead and more people to help!  Thankfully and prayerfully God provided a new home for Transformations Personal Training Studio and we had location 2 in a commercial space!  Our lease started April 1, 2020...No Joke!  But God is good and faithful, and despite the government shutting us down for the first 2 months of our start up and having to tele-train all our clients, we were allowed to start face-to-face training on June 1, 2020.  The rest is history and I know there is much more to be written.  I hope you will part of one of our chapters!

In His service & yours,



Our mission is simple:

To help people on their journey to a place of being their healthiest

in body while maintaining a positive mindset.


Our Vision is to accomplish every big and little thing God desires for every person
who's a part of our Transformations Family.

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